Amazon Support – Episode 4

Another missed delivery time, another attempt to clear up what is going on. Note now it has been approximately 36 hours since the product was picked up from the Nottingham depot and still, no-one seems to be able to tell me where it is!!

And this is the best one – another set of the same empty promises, a completely useless and meaningless suggestion to fix it, then at the end was basically “hung up” on abruptly.

Me:I was assured by support staff today that my late package would be delivered today, after MUCH customer service issues. It still has not arrived, and I wish to verify that it will be here within the next hour.

You’re now connected to Sneha from

Sneha:Hello David, my name is Sneha.I’m here to help you and will do my best to resolve this for you.

Me:Yes, the last three people said the same thing then refused to help.

Let’s just see how this goes before making false claims, shall we?

Sneha:We really didn’t expected this to happen.However, we can both work together and try resolve this for you.

Me:Word of warning – I am extremely annoyed, disappointed and upset by the lack of clarity or support that has been provided by Amazon in the last 24 hours.

Sneha:Please allow me the chance to try and fix this for you.

Could you please confirm if this is the item you’re referring to ” xzxzxxxxxxxxx”?

Me:I hope you can. A gift is resting on your ability to be more use than anyone before you.

Yes indeed.

Sneha:Thank you for the confirmation.

I have checked the order for you.

I have contacted the carrier from my end and due to some unforeseen errors from the carrier end which are beyond our control, we were unable to deliver this order to you.

I agree that a slight delay can cause a disruption in plans. Promises made should be honored. I can certainly make it up to you , I have requested the carrier to sort this as early as possible and to delivery the order at high prior.

Me:Any later than tonight will be too late. This is intended as a present, intended for tomorrow morning.

This needs to be received, wrapped and dropped off by ten o’clock tonight at the latest.

This is NOT a slight delay. This is a complete FAILURE to meet a “GUARANTEED ONE DAY DELIVERY” service. THis was the ONLY reason I chose to purchase this through Amazon than through the seller themselves.

I am absolutely furious about this. This is a SHOCKING level of incompetence.

What are these “unforeseen errors”? I have asked through today for alocation where I can pick this item up myself, only to be told this is not possible. UNacceptable.

Sneha:David, on a personal note I can relate to this incident and I would’ve been upset too if something of this sort happened to me on such an important occasion. I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the carrier for all the inconvenience you’ve been through.

Me:I am within driving distance of the lcoation where my item was meant to be given to the delivery driver.

At this stage an apology is not enough. I no longer have the time to source an alternative item,

I was promised FAITHFULLY that this would NOT happen.

Sneha:I request you to please allow me the chance to fix this.

Me:The only way you can FIX THIS is to tell me where I can collect my item from. I want the address of the carrier’s depot so I can go there and collect the item myself.

Alternatively I will accept it if the carrier can arrange for the item to be taken directly to their nearest approved Amazon Click and Collect point, and I will drive THERE and collect.

I don’t want to cause trouble for anyone over this – it is not my intent to behave in any negative way to any carrier or provider. I just NEED to collect this item. If you can arrange this, then that will be fine. But do not string me along with this again (as I was this afternoon for TWO SOLID HOURS) if you cannot resolve the issue to my satisfaction.

If you cannot resolve this, then please immediately escalate this to a level where arrangements can be made.

Sneha:I completely understand how frustrating this could be. Please be assured David, I will personally make sure that the parcel will be delivered to you by tomorrow at the earliest.


How often do I have to say this???

Sneha:I could understand that you would like to pick up the parcel, however due to some policy constraints, the system is not giving me the option to get the parcel to be collected.

Me:The delivery window closes at 9pm. I Demand that this item be available for me to collect. Even if Amazon has to pay for a taxzi from the carrier location to a click and collect point.,

Then escalate this to someone who can authorise it to be done.

It is simple.

Contact carrier.

Sneha:I understand David, the system does not give any option to redirect the shipment.

Me:Explain problem.

Pick up a phone, contact the carrier. You must have access to the records of your carrier.

I was GUARANTEED delivery yesterday.

Sneha:Since the parcel is shipped and sold by a third party seller, the carrier is appointed by the seller, that is the reason the system does not give the option to redirect the parcel.

Me:I was GUARANTEED delivery by a customer service representative YESTERDAY as well. BOth lied.

Ah, so now you’re blaming the seller.

No, the assigned carrier is Amazon Shipping

Sneha:I completely understand this David.

Me:It is picked up by an Amazon agent, or the seller takes it to an authorised point where an Amazon agent can pick ut up.

Then it is taken to a central distribution node where it is assigned to a driver.

Sneha:I would have loved to make those arrangements for you, however there is no such option.

Me:This can be either an Amazon Locker or a Click or Collect point as well as a shipping company

No, I don;t think you DO understand. THis has been going on now for TWO DAYS. 24 hours in totoal

ANd I have been repeatedluy lied to and given bad information.

It is NOT acceptable. No-one can even tell me where my item IS at this point, and apparently no-one actually has ANY records of how these deliveries are organised

It is completely unacceptable.

Sneha:In this case the other option would be, I will help you with a full refund, I request you to please place a new order for the same item and I will make sure that the parcel will be delivered to you by tomorrow at the earliest.

Would that be helpful?

Me:NO< it IS NOT helpful!!!

I don’t know how to say this any clearer. The. Item. Is. Needed. NOW.


Sneha:i do understand David. I am trying my best to come up with all the realistic alternatives.

Me:There are 90 minutes left of your delivery window.

Sneha:I hope you could understand my limitations.

Me:The REALISTIC alternative is to put me through to someone who CAN sort this out and do what I am asking.

I demand the right to go to the location where the ITEM I HAVE PAID FOR IS and COLLECT IT MYSELF.

Sneha:Since the item is shipped and sold by a third party seller, we have to wait for the seller to provide the inventory to us, and once we have the parcel, our carrier takes to get it delivered.

Me:According to the records, the tracking says that it is in NOTTINGHAM. That is 15 miles from where I am. I can be there in 20 minutes.

The parcel arived at AMAZON’S dispatch centre at 10:3-0 yesterday. The seller has fulfilled their part of the contract. It is in Amazon Logistics’ hands now, and this is where the problem lies.

Sorry, my error – it arrived at the NDC at 01:41

Sneha:Could you please provide me 2 minutes while I try to get in touch with the logistics?

Me:Latest update: Wednesday, 1 Nov

10:35 Out for delivery

Nottingham, GB

Carrier: Amazon Shipping, Tracking #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

01:41 Parcel arrived at a carrier facility

Nottingham, GB

01:22 Parcel left the carrier facility

Bardon Hill, LOADING…, GB

Tuesday, 31 Oct

21:28 Parcel left the carrier facility

Manchester, STRETFORD, GB

19:04 Parcel arrived at a carrier facility

Manchester, STRETFORD, GB

17:18 Item has been picked up by the carrier.

Manchester, GB

11:06 Parcel has been handed over to the carrier and is in transit

Sneha:Could you please provide me 2 minutes while I try to get in touch with the logistics?

Me:please do…but remember the clock is ticking.

Sneha:Thank you so mcuh.


I will try my best to be as quick as possible.

Me:That would be appreciated, thank you.

Sneha:I’m sorry this is taking a little longer than expected, could you please stay connected for 2 more minutes?


Sneha:I’m sorry this is taking a little longer than expected, could you please stay connected for 2-3 more minutes as I have contacted the logistic team and working with them on your order.

Me:Yes, I’m still here.

I’m not going anywhere until I am given a method by which this item can be in my hands this evening.

Still here

still hedre

Sneha:Thank you for staying connected and for waiting.

I have contacted the logistic team from my end, as it was not possible for me to contact them via call I have send them the email.

I request you to please allow me few hours to help you with the address. I will get back to via email.

This is first time we have made such request for collection. Such collection never occur as except store collection.

I really don’t wanna make an false expectation set. I have tried all my possible option to help you in all possible way. If logistic team help me with the address I will right away send you email. This have been never the case before, we don’t allow any customer to collect the item from depot.

I appreciate your understanding and patience in this case.

Me:As I said, I am happy to collect from a neutral location if that is preferred.

I want to reach a compromise here, bnelieve me. To be told “no we can’t fix this” by the largest logistics and trade company in the world is frankly ridiculous.

I do appreciate your efforts, but as I said, I will only accept an option that allows the item I purchased to be in my posession by this evening.

Sneha:I have taken all the steps which are realistically possible, I have even contacted the station where the parcel is. I request you to wait till tomorrow, you will really receive the parcel tomorrow at prior.

Me:and as I said, i was told the same YESTERDAY. I have already have enough patience with this situation.

You will excuse me if I don’t particularly have much faith in being told something will happen when I have been GUARANTEED twice that something will happen and it hasn’t

I was told yesterday eveing to wait until the end of the delivery window to chase this, and whenI did so at 8:55 I was told that it was too late to do something.

Sneha:Even I am personally looking after the order and if I receive the mail from the depot. I will send you an email confirmation with the address within hours.

Me:I want this resolved this evening. Why will it take hours? You have an email address, do you not have other, faster methods of contacting the carrier? You work for the company.

This is the part I don’t understand. I am speaking to someone from Amazon Logistics. The same company is responsible for the delivery of the items. How can it be so difficult to find these things out>


I used to work for the support and logistics division of the NHS – a company noted for its idiocy and useless management – and even THEY didn’t have this apparent lack of communications ability!!

On a brief aside, I keep hearing that Amazon are considering using Drones for deliveries. If Logistics can’t keep track of the existing delivery methods, basically a man in a van, then what hope is there for drone deliveries?

Sneha:I’m sorry you’re disappointed with the information we’ve previously provided to you regarding the delivery , specifically that your order would be delivered tomorrow and if I receive the email from depot I’ll send you the address.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist any further on this issue, but we’ll be more than happy to provide any help you may need in the future.

Sneha from has left the conversation.

OUTCOME: Hung up on, concerns ignored, not even entirely sure what has been promised! An email from the agent to tell me what’s happening “in a few hours”?? So therefore AFTER the delivery window closes. When it’s useless anyway as the distribution location would probably be closed by then… Fobbed off much??

I did, however, get the following email just after she “hung up” on me:


I’m sorry to hear that your order xxxxxxxxxxxxx isn’t with you yet.

I’ve checked and can see that the carrier have updated us to say that they have your package but there will be a delay delivering it to you.

If you haven’t received your parcel by 3 November 2017, please contact us again by replying to this e-mail and we’ll assist you further. We ask you to wait until then because we still expect this order to arrive. It is likely the original order would arrive before a replacement, and creating a replacement order at this stage may result in you having to return one of the items.

Please be assured that our transport team continually monitor instances like this, and the carrier will deliver this to you as soon as possible.

If the order arrives later than required and you’d like a refund please refuse delivery, or visit our Returns Support Centre to create a personalised return label to send it back for a refund:

I hope this helps.

So. Tomorrow. Now too late for the gift to be given to the intended recipient. Despite everything I have said. Again, Amazon showing that their guarantees mean absolutely nothing and they are not willing to go outside their “process”.

It’s interesting. I’ll see what trying to raise a complaint about it does…tune in for Part 5…