Amazon Support – Episode 3

Part three – still the second attempt to sort this out, but with a more stable connection and a different person.

Me:I would like to speak to Amith please

You’re now connected to Nanda from

Nanda:Hello, my name is Nanda. I’ll definitely help you with that.



Nanda:I’ll help you with your query.

Me:I have been speaking to Amith for over an hour abnout this problem and it was disconnected. She has been replaced on the original iunstable chat by Uthaman

I have contacted you on a separate, more stable connection that should prevent disconnections.

Nanda:Could you please stay connected while I check the previous chat.

Me:Are ither Uthaman or Amith is within sight or range of you?

Nanda:I am sorry they are not.


Nanda:I understand that you have not received the item.

Me:Indeed. The crux of my matter is that Amazon cannot currently guarantee that the item will be delivered today. It NEEDS to be delivered today at the latest. I am prepared to collect the item from a Click and Collect location.

As noted, Uthaman has taken over the conversation that was disconnected, and I am extremely annoyed and frustrated that I have to start this process all over again.

The whole point of using Amazon for this delivery was the guaranteed 1-day delivery

My concern, and reason for starting this second chat, is that I am worried I will get disconnected again, and I do not want to start from scratch again.

Nanda:Please Don’t worry, this chat will not be disconnected.

Me:Thanks – at the moment I’m not sure what Uthaman is doing, but as I say, all I need is for the item to be left in a location where I can pick it up and I can save everyone a lot of trouble hjere.

Nanda:I’ll definitely do that for you.

Could you please help me with the safe place location ?

Me:I can collect from anywhere in the Nottingham or Derby areas

I work in Nottingham and I live in Derby – anywhere in between would be fine as well. There are locations in Clifton, SIlverdale, Beeston

and Derby itself – as I said, I am happy to go some way out of my convenience to achieve this.

Nanda:I will definitely make sure that the item will be left in a sfe place.

And will be notified to you from the carrier team .

Me:Don’t take any action at the moment – Uthaman is potentially making some progress.

Nanda:Alright, first i’ll check if had he taken any action.

If not then I’ll take action on this.

Please be assured that this will be sorted out.


Is there anything else I can help you with today?

This chat has been idle for 4 minutes. I want to make sure we are still connected.

Me:we are

he’s doing something, not sure what

Nanda:he have updated the details.


what did he say? 😉

Nanda:He told me that he had updated the details to the carrier team.

And the contact number too.

Me:yes, i’m not convinced this will be enough to meet what I need.

Nanda:I can still contact the carrier and ask them to leave the package at a safe place, And make sure that they will inform you about that.

Me:I seem to have lost the connection again.

Nanda:We are still connected.

Please let me know.

Me:Yes, I’m still connected with you, but my connection to Uthaman has dropped

Looks like you get the dubious pleasure of dealing with my irritation.

OK, Uthaman’s last action was to tell me that he had forwarded the number to the carrier.

This isn;t enough – I need this item today, as it has to be taken to its intended recipient tonioght.

I require to be able to contact the carrier myself in order to find out where my item actually is in order to be able to collect it.

Nanda:I am afraid I cannot do that.

Me:Well I’m afraid I don’t accept that as an answer.

Nanda:But, I’ll ask the carrier team to contact you.

From there end.

Me:No-one can tell me where my item is.

This is ridiculous.

I note, however, that the delivery information has changed on the tracking site.

It was saying “by 6th Nov” and now it says it’s out today.

Nanda:I hope the delivery team has received the update.

Me:But if this isn’t guaranteed, I need to be able to collect this item from a specific location. And I need to know where this location is.

And I need to know this BEFORE I leave work today at 4pm (currently 2pm)

Nanda:I’ll give the instructions to the carrier team to deliver the package before 4Pm.

At the priority .

Me:The Priory?

Nanda:as soon as possible before 4pm.

Me:Priority – sorry

Nanda:Yes 🙂

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me:You haven’t resolved this issue yet

Nanda:I hope you are going to receive the package before the time you are leaving the office.

Me:I am not having the item delivered to the office I am in. It was supposed to be delivered to my home address YESTERDAY

I am ASKING for some clarity around where my package is, whether or not I can save everyone a lot of stress and pick it up from a location that is conveneient for the delivery driver and myself, or whether this delivery is GUARANTEED to be at my home address TODAY

And after nearly 2 hours of conversation, Amazon are proving that customer requirements are basically not important and that the systems in place ARE NOT ABLE to provide “guaranteed” service.

This conversation has gone NO further forward than it was two hours ago. Other than now, I have requested an action to be taken and i have had NO confirmation that it will happen.

Will the carrier deliver my item to my home, as the website tracking says, or will it go to a location where I can pick it up as I have requested?

No-one has confirmed this

I am told that the carrier has been given my contact details, then I’m told that “my contact details have been updated”. These are two different things.

Amazon Logistics, or, seem unable to make any contact with their contracted carriers.

This seems to be very unlikely, as it would be impossible to guarantee a delivery service if the logistics division is not in contact with their drivers.

So you tell me. What do I do now to clarify this situation?

It is probably worth noting that my home address has ALREADY had an Amazon Prime delivery today. This would indicate to me that there is much less likelihood of a second delivery being attempted.

This was also the case yesterday. Unless this has been sent out via a method other than the usual Amazon Prime route. All I can see from the tracking on all these deliveries is that the “Arrived at carrier facility” tracking information states “Nottingham, GB” – so unless there is more than one carrier facility in Nottingham, they have been sent to the same place.

Nanda:We have given the carrier team your number, And they will contact you when they are attempting a delivery.


Not good enough. It’s a subtle difference, but I want the carrier team to call me to confirm that they WILL be delivering today.

If they don’t deliver today, I will not know this until it is too late.

I need this item to be received, wrapped and taken to the intended recipoient TONIGHT. If this is NOT going to happen, I need to make alternative arrangements on the way home from work at 4pm./

Without going into the background of this, I have little confidence that locally available alternatives to this item will be any good, and i will not have time to test this

Do you understand the situation that this puts me in?

All I am asking is for a line of communication to be opened to confirm a very simple concept

Nanda:If you are Okay with that, I can issue you a Full refund for this item.


Nanda:But I can assure you that the item is going to be delivered to you

Me:So far I have spoken to three different people, all of whom have said think stuff along the lines of “don’t worry David, we can sort this”. And yet no-one has

No-one can get a phone number, pick up a phone, use that number to call the carrier and ask them to call me with confirmation.

Nanda:Yes, the package is on its way and will be delivered.

Me:OK, I will ask the same question that I asked Amrith an hour ago. Can you GUARANTEE it will be delivered TODAY

to my HOME address

Nanda:The item will be delivered to your home address, today.

Me:I have Amazon’s guarantee and your personal promise.

and it will be by 4pm as stated above?

Nanda:I have requested the carrier team to deliver the item before 4pm.

Me:So you can’t guarantee that. OK. My additional concern is that there has been no update to the tracking details since 10:35am yesterday – despite another agent telling me that when drivers return to base they update the details for failed deliveries…and no email text notifications at all since then either.

Is this normal?

Nanda:yes, sometimes due to technical issues the notification will not be sent.

Me:It all seems a bit shaky to me – not exactly a stable, useful system in any way.

Does not inspire confidence in the “guarantees”

Well, in that case I don’t really know where to go from here – I just have to trust your word that the delivery will happen. Not a great situation.

Nanda:Alright DAVID.

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me:Yes. You can give me the phone number of the carrier.


No, nothing.

Nanda:Thank you for contacting Amazon.

OUTCOME: Guarantees made, still no actual answers, waiting to see what happens without much faith.