Bye, Facebook

Posted this on Facebook today.


For those who care: I’ll be deleting my facebook account very soon. I’m thoroughly fed up with game requests, friend requests from people I don’t know or don’t like, notifications about absolute bollocks that I have no interest in and people who post their entire lives on here. I signed up to Facebook to keep in touch with 3 people, none of whom are still using Facebook regularly. I don’t like facebook, I don’t agree with its principles and I think it’s a forum for bullying and criticism amongst other things. I don’t like the fact that people can post pictures of me or my family without permission and I don’t like the fact that I now have to page past adverts when I use it on the phone, and I don’t like the amount of hoops I have to jump through to control who sees what on my account, especially when the goalposts chance every couple of months. I don’t like how people on it are called “friends” which can and has caused confusion for those less cynical than me (friends, for example, don’t post insulting or demeaning crap about you where the world can read it). And sorry, but I don’t particularly care for having to scroll through endless pictures of “young uns” taken in a mirror trying to look emo.
I don’t live my entire life online. I want to share only certain aspects of it, and facebook changes so often I have no idea who can see what any more. If other people want to live live as “wannabe celebrities” or such, then that’s their bag – I just don’t want to be part of it.
So, if you see me drop from your friends list then do not be offended, it’s nothing personal. Those who know me well enough will know how to keep in touch through more old-fashioned methods.
Bye, facebook, and thanks for being progressively more shit and worthless as the years progressed.