Elite Encounters Role-playing Game – PDF version


The FIRST official Role-playing game based on the setting for the Elite: Dangerous computer game. Full-colour PDF.


It is the fourth millennium. Mankind has spread to the stars and created a new civilisation where promises of wealth and power are made and broken every day.

The Elite Dangerous computer game revolutionised the space sim industry, introducing players to a galaxy spanning 400 billion explorable star systems, each one containing the potential for action and adventure combined with the freedom to play whatever role appealed.

Elite Encounters takes you beyond the cockpit of the Elite: Dangerous spacecraft and deeper into the rich and textured history of the game’s evolving setting. Become part of a galactic community where the decisions YOU make could create new legends.

PDF version of the all-in-one rulebook for Elite Encounters.


  • More than 300 pages of rich content
  • Background and setting for the Elite: Dangerous game ‘universe’ – in print for the first time!
  • Simple but well-rounded game system developed for this RPG
  • Full-colour sections, including double page spreads of the spacecraft from Elite: Dangerous
  • Sample characters and introductory scenarios
  • Fully-featured tabletop vehicle combat system allows you to visualise space battles or ground assaults
  • Print and play elements plus all you’ll need to pick up and play!