Welcome to Elite Encounters

The game will hopefully be crowdfunded through Kickstarter. I’m just waiting on the green light from Frontier Developments to ensure that the terms and pledges of the kickstarter are suitable for the development plan for Elite: Dangerous and then I’ll submit the Kickstarter campaign for approval then…LAUNCH!

It’s been a long road to this point. The idea for the game came in late December, only just over week before the ED kickstarter was due to finish. After contacting Frontier Developments to discuss whether the concept would be allowable under the terms of the Writer’s Pack pledge, sufficient time was not left to research the Kickstarter concept and be able to get it funded before the deadline. I can’t afford to pay for the pack on my own (hence the Kickstarter idea) so I decided to leave the idea to develop while I dealt with some personal issues.

At the start of January I got back on the case and put the Kickstarter together. The last phase is writing and directing the video, which is now well underway and in the feedback process with Michael from Frontier, who has been a mine of information and a great help.

If all goes well we should be looking at a launch within the next seven days. Longer than I had hoped, but if I’ve learned anything from reading page upon page of comments on Kickstarters, a well planned KS has more chance of succeeding than one thrown together at the last minute.

It also gave me some time to analyse how the game itself should work, so it’s not all bad. And I learned some stuff about video editing and gained a new respect for actors. I have a few outtakes from the video recording process that might make good YouTube fodder.