Update for Monday 8th June

Hi everyone. It’s Monday, and that means that the video update will be coming your way tonight at 8pm.

View it at http://twitch.tv/selezen

Following the broadcast, the update will be made live on YouTube at http://youtube.com/hughesd73

NOTE: the update can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5hGpozEXjE

Following some feedback, the update will be structured a little differently.

  • The update will be streamed individually in its own video at 8pm: this means it will be streamed before the main Monday Night Stream.
  • No games will be played during the stream – it will be a presentation format with an agenda (see below). The commentary during the video will still be ad-hoc, but based around the agenda.
  • It will be no longer than about 15 minutes. This should minimise bandwidth use for those with limited bandwidth and will hopefully allow YouTube to generate automatic closed captions and transcripts for the video that can be read independently.

The agenda for the update is:

  • Character Generation and Rule System
  • Vehicle Information and Stats
  • Rulebook Graphics
  • Feedback and Questions
  • Next update

Thanks to everyone for their input and feedback so far, both positive and negative.