Update for Monday 4th April 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to another update notification.

Here’s the agenda for tomorrow evening’s broadcast:

  • Progress
  • Playtest, update, playtest
  • VCS PLAYTEST MON 4/4 @ 8:15pm UK TIME
  • Feedback and Questions
  • Upcoming Events
  • Next Update

The stream will start at 8pm UK time as usual at http://twitch.tv/selezen tomorrow evening – please feel free to join me LIVE.

Note that there will be a LIVE playtest of the Elite RPG’s vehicle combat rules after the main update stream. If you want to see how this troublesome part of the rules has turned out then please stop by and have a watch or take a look at the YouTube video after the event.

The video is available on YouTube – click this link to view.

The PDF of the on-screen presentation can be viewed by clicking this link.

Take care all!