Rings Ahoy, Audio Books Ahoy!


Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Now we’re in that slow week where every TV channel is doing “best of 2013” programmes. The only thing to do is to tune in to the irregular broadcasts of the Encounters Channel, where the news is always exciting!

Dice Rings

The greatest news ever is that as of today, 60 Dice Rings have been sold to you pledgers! That means we’re over the 50 minimum limit so all you lucky buyers will be receiving Dice Rings at some point in the future! Don’t worry if you haven’t already bought one (or more) because I’ll be leaving the offer up until the end of January.

Fantastic Audio Books

The Kickstarter to professionally convert 4 Elite Novels into audio books is into the last couple of days now, and it’s looking good! 63 hours to go (as of this writing) and just over £6,000 to go! Again, I recommend checking it out and pledging if you haven’t already. As if the pledges there aren’t good enough already, Dan and his team are arranging a get-together in Hull in Summer 2014, and if you pledge £25 or more on anything in the pledge list (and have already pledged in ANY Elite Fiction Kickstarter), you will get an exclusive early access ticket to the event.

I’m already confirmed as attending, and will be presenting Elite Encounters there as well (thanks to Darren Gray for making the kind offer). I may even host a short game or two if the interest is high enough!

Writing on the book has ground to a halt the last couple of days, since the reality of Christmas and the demands of family all take their toll. Rest assured that the book will be getting some serious attention in the coming weeks. All guns blazing from now on.

Happy Hogmanay, everyone!