Read my lips – no new updates

That title’s probably got your back up straight away, so let me explain.

I’ve made the decision over the last 24 hours that I will not be putting together any more Kickstarter updates between now and the point where the book writing process has been completed. This means that I will not be posting videos or written updates until the book has been passed to Frontier for approval.

I have decided to take this approach for the following reasons:

  • I need to step away from the KS community for a while and focus on maintaining a positive and productive environment in order to maximise my ability to focus on the book in these final stages.
  • I need to avoid negative or demotivating feedback in order to maintain that positive and productive environment, and the vocal minority of the KS community have provided a lot of negativity where it really has not been helpful to the process. Yes I understand you have your concerns, but rest assured that the RPG will be released in July despite your misgivings and constant reiteration of the negatives of this project.
  • I don’t have the strength of mind to deal with going over the same issues over and over again. Yes, I opened the door this week by trying to clarify my requests for feedback on the YouTube dislikes, but when this simple issue is met with responses yet again criticising choices I have made that assist me in maximising that productivity, then it seems to me that there is little point in continuing to interface with a community that only seems to speak up at length to criticise. It has highlighted the sad truth that professing an opinion on my own project is akin to declaring open season on things that are not relevant to the points I’m trying to make. I ask for openness and constructive feedback and am met with complaints and insults.

I do appreciate the core of supportive backers who have either publicly extemporised their support or privately let me know that they are supporting the development and looking forward to seeing the book. I regret that some higher-tier backers have refused to engage with the project to the level that they were entitled to. I also regret that the aforementioned vocal minority could not engage with the project in a positive way, but such is the nature of any community. I do not argue with your point of view, and I sympathise with some of your opinions, but at this stage in the project I am reluctant to take the time to worry about this stuff when my top, number one priority is to GET THIS BOOK READY FOR RELEASE.

So I implore you to please give me the time and the focus to take this project across the finish line and meet my deadline. Please do not respond to this update with criticism, nitpicking or negativity. I will happily listen to or read your criticism after the book has been sent for approval and editing, so I would ask you to hold off on posting until the future update when I say that this has been done.

I thank you for your support and understanding at this time. If you would like more information on why I am doing this, then I suggest that you gird your loins and watch the video update here: – beware, you may find some of the insinuations offensive, but if you do then it may suggest that you feel you have contributed towards my current status and that the “barbs” are directed at you. Only you can decide if this is true.

I’ve turned off notifications for comments on the KS project and will not be checking, since I have no doubt that despite my request to refrain from posting comments there someone will still feel that they are not included in that request. I would still ask (and reiterate), however, that you respect my wishes and avoid commenting.

Thank you for your continued support and your patience, and I’ll report here and on the kickstarter again once the finish line has been crossed.