Progress Reports

It’s only three and a half days into the campaign and the project has been two-thirds funded!

£3,500 in the pot and climbing – that’s 66% of the target. That’s more that I could ever have hoped. Time to start refining and publishing the stretch goals, I think.

The support has been immense. Even outside the actual campaign, I’m getting contacted about lots of different aspects of the project that I hadn’t thought would be brought up as soon – marketing companies, advertising agencies, art companies and even people wanting to use elements of my writing to put on their projects!

It’s all a little overwhelming. I;ve been involved in the Elite scene for a long time, but I was only scratching the surface of what was there. Elite: Dangerous has stirred the pot and now all the really nice crunchy bits are coming to the surface and making themselves known.

I knew Elite was home to a creative and active community but I had no idea just HOW creative.

I’ve spent most of the weekend and most of yesterday (day off recovering from late-night Superbowl action) either on the computer or on the iPhone responding to project related stuff. It’s also making me realise how supportive my family is and how awesome my wife is for letting me spend my days off with my head hidden behind a laptop screen. Most husbands would be getting it in the neck by now. I said to her that I would maybe need a couple of hours a night to keep up with the progress but Saturday and Sunday were INTENSE! Not ten minutes would pass without some sort of progress update or question or comment to be dealt with. I owe her a bunch of flowers, I think. Yes.

There will hopefully be a proper Kickstarter update tonight again. Maybe even a video if I have time to make one.

The rate of pledges is slowing now, and I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me is relieved that I have time to think about other things (especially now that I’m back at the day job) but a busy Kickstarter means the funding is happening faster. I now have some time to look into publicity and pushing my way into different RPG and Elite-related forums and communities in an effort to raise awareness. It’s hard to believe that there’s still 26 days to go – it feels like a week has gone by since launching on Friday night.

The forum’s ready to go now, but (as always) I can’t think of anything really interesting to set up as categories. The main crux of the forum will be the RPG, but an area for other Elite related stuff should be there too. It will eventually be the home for the Game Dev pledgers and the Playtesting pledgers private forums too, so I had to plan for that in the choice of forum software and the design – I’ve used private forums on phpBB before, so it should be OK.

The link to it will be live soon…