His Word Is Law

The commandments from on high have been received. The words of the Braben have been heard, and we must obey.


OK, tongue out of cheek, yes, this means what you think it does. The comments from David Braben have been received. Those of you who follow me on the Twitter and the book of faces probably know what’s coming…

It’s not great. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great.

Long story short, the big news is that there will be one superpower less in the RPG. The axe has finally fallen on GalCop as a superpower. According to Mr B the scaling back of GalCop is consistent with the lore as it now stands. After commenting at length on isues with the GalCop content, the summation at the end of the GalCop’s entry in the superpowers list in the RPG is that it would be best just to remove it entirely.



So that’s that. I’m seeing if there’s a chance I can reduce the entry to a minor faction entry and keep the old guard in the book to some small degree, but to be honest I feel like just getting really really drunk and crawling under a table. GalCop IS ELITE to me. But it seemingly has no place at all in the Elite Dangerous lore. Not in its original form.

Other changes are there too, but they’re pretty minor and not worth arguing about. Other than the GalCop thing, the feedback was much as expected and discussed in my last update. Small changes, some alterations, and nothing really major. But the main thing that affects a sizeable chunk of the background section is the red pen through pretty much every mention of GalCop as a galactic power.

But we endure.

So, on a positive note, can I get the changes actioned in one night? Well, let’s find out.

No Sleep Til Release Candidate 3.