Have you contacted me about printing?

I got an email today, originating from this site, from a very kind and generous person offering to print the book once it’s complete. Unfortunately my email form didn’t retain their email address and as such I have no way of getting back in touch.

If you are still out there and reading this, can you please use the contact form again and send me your email address so we can have a chat about your proposal?


Anyway. The KS is still going strong. ‘Slow’ is apparently the watchword for the middle of a Kickstarter, so apparently I shouldn’t be worried that the new pledges are coming in a trickle rather than the mad rush of the first few days. I’ve been trying to spread the word via RPG forums but surprisingly a lot of them tend to get upset when a person registers and their first post is asking for money.

I know. I was shocked too. 😉

I decided to play it safe and not give myself a bad reputation from the get go and emailed the site administrators instead to ask if I would be able to advertise or if they could publicise the drive. So far I’ve had little response. It would seem that roleplayers are awesome and generous people but people who run RPG companies and forums are rather less generous. That said, Scott from RPGNow was VERY helpful once he established that I wasn’t a registered seller and gave me all sorts of advice.

The big news on the Kickstarter is that there are now DICE! I spent a big part of last week pricing up dice and seeing how much it would cost to have some produced with a simplified version of the Elite logo on one face. Once I had all that sorted out then I added them to the KS pledge rewards and they have turned out to be rather popular. So popular, in fact, that they have almost single-handedly pushed the total first to £4000 then to £4,250, meaning that we are now less than £1000 from the goal!

The other side of the coin is that the last few years of MadCap experience has given me a couple of ideas for reward options too. Dice were the first option, but the others so far are card model ideas. So far the models are exterior models but I wonder how a fully-featured cockpit model would be received… I’m already planning how to add such a treat to the existing reward Cobra model and hopefully it shouldn’t take too long to sort that out.

So. 19 days to go and (at current count) £972 left to raise. Fingers, legs, toes… all crossed.