Forums and Combat

Hi everyone, and welcome to a quick interim update .

The main point of the update is to note that I’ve done some work on the forum and website this week, specifically fixing some problems with the forum and adding some more up-to-date content to the website.

As regards the forum, I have now FINALLY successfully removed the need for post approval and fixed the email notifications. Apologies to Bifford and Ozoli, whose posts needed approval and the email to notify me of such didn’t arrive. Anyone registering on the forum now will get their confirmation emails as well.

A quick progress report then!

Since the start of the Easter weekend I’ve been working on refining the concepts for task resolution and combat. Combat is an extension of task resolution (still keeping it simple) so should be seamlessly integrated into the main system without needing a whole separate system to manage it. I’m hoping that the task resolution for ship combat will be very similar.

The biggest problem has been damage resolution. I had a rather elegant system in my head that seemed like a good idea, but when it got out onto paper it proved to be very clunky to work out, and needed the player to have templates and cut-out guides to hand with no way to render that as just rules on a sheet of paper. So I decided against it. If a rule is inflexible enough to NEED additional media to work, then it’s too inflexible and not in the spirit of the RPG I want to design.

To resolve all of this I went back to the basic concepts I designed for the RPG in the 90s and based a whole new concept around one element – the picture I drew of a bloke on the front cover.

Using that image as a template I now have a damage resolution system that works as both an image and in a reference table format and will hopefully look amazing (or at least GOOD) on the GM screen as well!

There are a fair few concepts in the rules that I have a couple of options for now, and those will be the first meat for the Game Developers to get their teeth into. Once I get confirmation that the forum is working properly for everyone now I’ll work on getting those options ready to present.

That’s about it for now, since I’ve ran out of lunch break. Thanks again for your support and your comments.

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