Greetings Commanders!

I know, Two updates in one day is unlike me. There is a VERY good reason though.

Some time ago I started mumbling stuff about a secret, special offer that would be coming your way. Now, after the delays caused by my “issues”, I’ve finally cemented the offer.

Those friendly, lovely and clever chaps at CritSuccess ran a Kickstarter at the end of 2012 to fund development and production of Dice Rings. These brilliant inventions are part fashion accessory and part gaming equipment. They are dice that you can wear on your finger! Here’s a picture to illustrate (from the CritSuccess website).

A dice ring. Black and silver, sectioned into 6 blocks with an arrow pointing to the 6

Dice Ring (six-sided dice version)

Aaron and the other wizards over at CritSuccess have offered Elite Encounters fans a special offer. With their blessing I am selling Dice Rings like the one you see above at HUGE discounts. CritSuccess are selling these gems for about £12.50 each (give or take a bit on exchange rates), but they’re cutting their own throats and letting me sell them to you for £5! That’s right! £5!!

You’d be mad not to take advantage of this offer. The snag is that they will only accept the order if more than 50 dice are being ordered in one go. That means that you happy people need to club together and BUY BUY BUY!!

If these are popular, CritSuccess will also consider other colours from their range to make available, but again only if 50 units are sold. That’s a “stretch goal” that we can cross if we come to it. For now, the black R6 is the only version being sold. It makes sense because space is black too, and Elite Encounters uses D6s! So it goes, see? 🙂

I’ve set up a page on the official Elite Encounters site for you to place your orders via PayPal.


Read the blurb there too, as it has more information about the dice and the specifics of the product you will be buying. If you have any questions, please either email me or contact me through the Kickstarter site!

More About the Fantastic Audio Books!

Dan Grubb, the Commander of the Fantastic Books audio adaptations of four of the eagerly awaited Elite: Dangerous tie-in novels, has asked me to plug the Kickstarter again. And although I’m sure his recent purchase of a copy of the RPG has nothing to do with it, I want to plug the awesome £1 GIFT PLEDGE! (Who knows, if this update generates enough interest, he might think about helping me publish the RPG!! nudgenudgewinkwink ahem).

Seriously though, you have to see this pledge to believe it. For only One Shiny Pound (that’s about $1.50 for you Amorical personages) you get a copy of ‘Fusion’ (25 short fantasy/scifi stories) AND a random story from the anthology (average 10000 words) PLUS the blooper reel from the update videos. 

Yes, that’s 26 short stories for less than a pint of milk! I had to double check it to make sure. I even phoned Imperial Intelligence but they just said they possibly couldn’t entirely confirm or deny any existence of any pledge elves (which I’m sure was a typo) related to or peripherally involved with a ridiculously large number of short stories, poems, ditties, anecdotes, budgies (again, typo) but that if we were willing to fill out a BH-343896-B form (not the -A form, that’s for sanitary towel requisition) and hand it in to a local branch of the Imperial Waste Disposal Services they would treat it with the utmost attention and urgency. I didn’t think that would be a fruitful use of time, so I checked the Kickstarter site and found a video from Harold from Sesame Street making the announcement, so there could be no doubt. Sesame Street wouldn’t lie. Would it?

Look, if you don’t believe me, click here to view the video. I’ll wait.


So there you go. Nip over to the Fantastic Books Kickstarter and Lay Down Your Pound!

Signing off again for now,