Can you smell smoke?

Hello everyone, and welcome to another update.

Progress towards alpha is almost done! All I have to do is finish off the sample adventure and it’s ready to roll. It’s got a bit more in it than originally intended, since I’ve expanded the space-based goodies more than I originally intended. I felt that since Elite is a space-based computer game that there should be more detail in the space side of things than the original alpha plan contained. Now, therefore, there’s a fully fledged encounter generator for system travel.

The counter to that is that there isn’t as much information about actual ships in there as I had hoped. There’s enough to have combat and transit information about the ships, but not much else. 

Anyway. Not long now. I don’t know if I’ve posted a word count before, since it’s not as relevant to an RPG as it is to a novel, but the current word count for the FULL book (not just the extracted Alpha content) is now over 30,000 words as of yesterday. That’s without counting the background stuff that is half drafted (and of which some resides in the documentation that Allen, TJ, Frontier and myself have been putting together for the writers) which is at the moment about another 15,000 words of unedited prose and notes. 

Kickstarting Audio Novels!

Fantastic Fiction are currently running a Kickstarter to professionally produce audio adaptations of the Elite books they are publishing. They have just under two weeks to go and need to reach £35,000. They’re running at just under £19,000 at the moment so if you want to be the proud owner of the first professionally produced Elite audio fiction EVER then hop over to their Kickstarter and pledge (click here to go there now). The pledge rewards are well worth the money and the audio novels will be top quality. The novels being adapted are:

Reclamation, by Drew Wagar (Kickstarter, Official Site)

Lave Revolution, by Allen Stroud (Kickstarter, Official Site)

And Here The Wheel, by John Harper (IndieGoGo, Official Site)

Tales From The Frontier, by various authors (Kickstarter, Official Site)

Dice? Oh yeah…

I actually managed to get the first load of dice out last week, and some great feedback has been coming in. I’m glad you are liking your dice. Aaron Fimister,  good mate from the old stomping grounds in Kirkcaldy, posted an awesome picture of them on Instagram – click here to see!

The second batch will probably go out after Christmas now, since I don’t want to risk any being lost in the seasonal post. The orders that have gone out are all domestic orders of less than 12 dice, and I will state that not all of those have yet gone. I filled up all the envelopes I had then posted them. So if you haven’t had yours yet please be patient a little longer.

All done!

That’s it for now. Hopefully the next update will be the ALPHA release!!

Hold on to your dice, commanders