Back up there, Sparky…

This is embarrassing…

It would seem that I misinterpreted Frontier’s email a couple of weeks ago. Even after several re-reads, I got it slightly wrong. In my defence everyone else that read it has interpreted it the same way, so I only feel like a bit of an idiot instead of feeling like a complete smeghead.

Simply put, the status of the RPG and the license is NOT as I described it in the last update. I interpreted the options as being “refund the licence AND resubmit for approval under new license terms in July 2017” or “cancel the license completely because you have failed to meet our deadline”.

This was incorrect.

The options actually being presented were “We CAN extend the deadline to a time when we at Frontier will have the resources to review” OR “we can cancel and refund the license and you can resubmit as a fresh licence application at a time of your choosing”.


I feel like a total dick.

This means that the RPG’s original license is still in effect. I can continue the work and resubmit as planned, but rather than my original intent to submit again before the end of the year, which was unsuitable for Frontier, I now have the option to submit for review when Frontier will have the resource available to review properly. Which is a much more palatable option than not being able to submit at all.

I have decided to honour the original license and retain those terms, agreeing to submit by July 1st 2017 at the latest. Note that this will be a submission for approval, as in a second draft submission, and will not be the release date or publication date. that date will depend on Frontier’s review and whether another round of editing will be necessary.

I now have to again readjust my mental process to reality rather than the FANTASY UNIVERSE I CREATED FOR MYSELF.

That’s the problem with being a world builder. It’s far too easy to build one around yourself.

You all have my apologies for leading you up the same garden path I was myself skipping along in ignorant bliss. This takes NOTHING from your kind words and support when I felt like the world was collapsing around me. You’ve stood by me this long, and now that there is a real light at the end of what was a dark, dark tunnel before, I am glad to know that I can count on your support.

Now that we have a solid, real target to aim for, I’ll get back to work.

All the best,