Approvals Are In

Hi everyone,

As noted in the previous short post, the final approval for the book has been received! We did it! Against all odds and despite sooo many hurdles, the book is now officially complete.

I’m so excited I made a video (clicky).

Now I just need to get them out to you all!

So this means the end of the creative phase of the project. It’s done. Finished. No more fettling. I have a complete product ready to ship.

Now we enter the production phase – getting the book to you out there. In order to achieve that, I need to do a few things. The main thing is to create the custom, numbered copies of the book that were promised. In order to achieve that quickly I have decided to expand the scope of the original pledges. I want to get copies of the book out to you as quickly as possible after the 3.5 extra years so I will be doing the following:

  • Every KS pledger will be getting a copy of the PDF, no matter which version was pledged for, as well as the actual version that you originally asked for. This means that if, for example, you pledged for the EPUB, you will be getting the EPUB and the PDF.
  • Anyone who pledged for the PDF will get a copy of the EPUB version as well.
  • Anyone who pledged for all three will just be getting all three. I can’t add anything to that!

The reason I’m doing this is that certain aspects of the “numering” need the PDF version, plus the fact that those getting the simpler text versions of the book will need elements of the PDF version as well (the ship posters, for example). So it makes sense to just send the PDF out first to everyone.

Now that the approval is out of the way, the release schedule is as follows (sorry, no timescales and it’s more or less in order…)

  • Distribute KS PDFs ASAP
  • Standard PDF release before the end of this week , downloadable from Daftworks Store
  • Begin planning for distribution via Amazon and DriveThruRPG
  • Continue formatting and prepping EPUB version – this process has had to be restarted due to missing content and omitted changes in the current extract.
  • Use EPUB version as a basis for the MOBI/Kindle version
  • Finalise plans for POD / Loose leaf versions and begin production.
  • BONUS: Plan USB Ebook releases

Whilst all this is going on, I’ll be starting work on getting the long-awaited physical stuff out – by which i mean the dice, dice rings, charity rewards and so on. 

In terms of the PDFs, I already have two-thirds of them compiled and ready to email. I’m hoping to get them out in the next couple of days. That’s assuming nothing goes wrong!!

And that’s about it for the Big News. I’ll be doing regular updates on progress now that the end is in sight. At the moment, thought, it has been a busy week and I have loads to get done before turning in for the night.

See you on the flip side.