Achievement Unlocked: Second Draft

About an hour or so ago I wrote an email to Frontier Developments. In that email I mentioned that I enclosed a HUGE PDF file containing the complete second draft of Elite Encounters.

This isn’t just any draft. This isn’t a two-column-per-page Word document with fancy headings and a few logos on it. Oh no. This is a full-colour multimedia EXTRAVAGANZA of a draft. Put it this way. Other than some typos, spelling errors and maybe a few other little niggles, I consider this to be a version of EE that is READY TO PUBLISH.

Of course, Frontier may see things a little differently. It’s their call as to the content, and whether there is more trimming to be done, but I have (somehow) achieved a word count of 144,000, 6k under the target Frontier set last year. It was painful. But in truth I think it was for the best. A lot of amazing stuff is gone, and it’s harsh that you may never see it on the printed page, but what’s left is concise and packed full of information.

We’re one step closer today. I’m now going to have a break, catchup with everything I’m missed for the last five weeks and recharge. Once my brain has recovered I’ll put together a longer post with the “what’s next” stuff…

Thanks again for all your patience.