30th Anniversary Live Online Session – Part 2

Just a quick reminder to everyone.

Sunday, 11am BST, myself, Dan Grubb, James Vigor, Ben Mos-Woodward and Anthony Olver will be continuing the 30th Anniversary RPG session.

We only managed to get two thirds of the way through the story the other weekend, and we left our heroes in the middle of a firefight.

We’ll be on twitch.tv/onevigor from 11am and playing until the adventure is DONE! Which shouldn’t be too long.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. Quick progress report: have spent the last few nights expanding the equipment lists and finally adding in all the body modification stuff. You know, cloned body parts, bionics, implants and the like.

I’ve also managed to bag up a few more dice.

On top of that, the new Beta 2 of E:D has more ship equipment in it, and I’ve been trying to get to various shipyards across known space to see what’s there. I’ve amassed a fair list of items and have just arrived at the Ocellus station in the Hepa system, which is reputed to be the most abundant place for ship equipment.

On the way, I’ve managed to accumulate 120,000 credits. Not bad, huh?

Later, RPG fans.