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What is the name of Oolite's starting planet?

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Only JPG, GIF or PNG files can be uploaded. The uploader assumes some basic knowledge of Oolite to answer a security question related to the game.


Images for display on the forum should be no larger than 800x600.

It is advisable to use unique filenames for your files to avoid name clashes. It is recommended (but not required) to use a format similar to any of the following (or combination of):

  • userinitials_yyyymmdd_desc.ext (e.g. dh_20120215_Cobra_leaving_station.jpg)
  • bbusername_yyyymmdd_uniquenumber.ext (e.g. selezen_20120215_01.png)

At the very least it is strongly recommended to include the date (yyyymmdd) in the name.

Disclaimer: by uploading these files you agree that they are stored under the same licensing terms that cover the Oolite bulletin boards, the Oolite game and the addons. They are still your own images and the staff of DaftWorks hold no license or claim to intellectual property on anything in the oomages folder.