001 - Bad Feelings

5 Jul 2013 | Comments: 1

Strip 001

Hello, and welcome to the comic. The site is new and shiny, and more content will be added if and when the need arises.

This and the following 11 strips are a "proof of concept". If it's successful then I'll do more as time allows. There's no specific update schedule for this at the moment. It's a case of "when I get time" and "when I feel like it".

What I might do, actually, is write/draw a few comics and publish them in one go. Not sure yet. It'll be more story-based than my last comic. There's a specific story to tell in this one, at least to start with.

Don't expect shakespeare-like quality for the first few comics - the characters haven't quite found their voices yet.

In any case, enjoy.


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TLG   5 Jul 2013

Really enjoyed the whole comic, do make more!

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